A Typical Awesome Day at Brookstone

As our program is exceptionally flexible and constantly adapting as per the needs and interests of our students, one day to the next may be very different! While we don’t adhere to a rigidly structured school day, we do however offer a “loose” structure with routines that students can come to expect on a daily basis.


Start time 8:45 am
 Early drop off available from 8:00am

 Arrival - Prepare and Set Goals for the Day

Students engage in their choice of activity as everyone arrives and settles in. Students have the opportunity to informally connect with other students and adults if they so choose, and share what they would like to focus on and set goals for the day. 


Morning Session 

Students work on items in their portfolio at their discretion, their choice of subject, or their choice of Centre to attend. Our Centres allow for exposure to traditional Math, Language, Science and Arts curriculum but in a deeply engaging way. Our Engineering, Inventing, Tech and Coding, Exploring and Creation Centres to name a few, inspire exploration, creative interaction, and knowledge creation. Individual or small group lessons may also occur at this time where appropriate. 

Midday session 

Lunch break 30 minutes, time to eat and socialize 

Then 1 hour of active “play” time, indoor/outdoor, physical fitness activities, sports and/or cooperative games


Check In Introspection/Me Time

  • Social-emotional Learning, Mental Health lessons, Self-care skills 

  • Movement Break, Exercise, Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation 

  • Group chats/Circle to share and listen to feelings about the day 

  • Individual reflection/quiet time 

  • Time with the fidget tools and other sensory items  

  • Executive Function lessons 

Afternoon session  

  • Group work/Group problem solving activities

  • Science Experiments/MakerSpace-building activities 

  • Art/Music/Drama/Dance activities and lessons

  • Community involvement projects/social justice projects

  • Other Project based activities 


During the afternoon session students take breaks at their discretion - have a snack, washroom break, pop outside


Free Choice Session/Goal Reflection

​Students choose what they would like to work on, whether it be continuing their afternoon session activities, revisiting something from earlier in the day, investigating a concept to a greater degree, or starting something new. They can choose to work in their portfolios, or any of the centres, do more self-care activities or engage in cooperative games with other students, related to educational concepts being learned. Teachers will check in with students individually, to reflect on their achievement of their goals for the day. 


End of day / Pick up time

 Late pick up available until 5pm