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If you are interested in your child attending our awesome little school, or you’d like to hear more about us, we’d love to hear from you!


Please reach out for more information anytime, via email or phone. We’ll start the admissions process with an informal meeting about your child’s strengths, needs, interests and goals. If it seems Brookstone could be a good fit for your family, you will be invited to fill out an application, and then come for a tour and trial placement at the school. We want your child to enjoy being with us as much as we enjoy supporting them. So if the trial is a success you will be offered admittance to Brookstone or put on the waiting list for the next available opening.

Despite bringing education to a whole new level with the innovative, research-based nature of our program, maintaining accessibility for all families is also very important to us. Hence running our school as a non-profit. While we hope to be able to offer subsidies in the near future, at the moment we are pleased to be able to offer an exchange of services for up to 50% of tuition for those that require it. Contact us for more details!

Make a Payment

Thank you for your payment!


All fees can be paid weekly, monthly, annually or semi-annually:

​Academic Program (JK - Grade 8)

Full-time Student

5 days a week: $1050 per month

4 days a week: $910 per month

Part-time Student 

3 days a week - $725 per month 

2 days a week - $525 per month 

1 day a week - $300 per month

Yearly Membership Fee

While tuition is not charged during the summer months unless you are taking advantage of our summer program, a yearly membership fee must be paid by July 15th to secure your spot for the upcoming year. The cost is $500 for full-time enrollment and $250 for part-time students. Please note that early bird discounts on the fee will be available! 

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