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Every adult that your child comes into contact with at Brookstone is a highly qualified caring individual that loves their job! While our teachers may take the role of traditional teacher at times, they are also learning coaches, facilitators and guides, or even partner’s in your child’s learning journey. While OCT certified teachers take the lead with programming and evaluation, we also partner with local artists, scientists, mathematicians and authors to visit when relevant and/or appropriate to support the students’ interests and bring life to their learning. We are also happy to have the support of experienced educational assistants, early childhood educators and carefully chosen volunteers. We ensure that all the adults at Brookstone have the training and experience required for them to excel in our unique environment and the right personality to offer the gentle guidance, innovative teaching and character building strategies that make up the Brookstone program. Every adult at Brookstone works as part of our team to create the most caring, supportive environment possible for our students.

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What Our Teachers Love About Brookstone

"Teaching at Brookstone is a very fulfilling experience. Both students and teachers are encouraged to follow their passions to become the best version of themselves. Information is presented in a low stress, personalized manner that allows for a variety of different levels of entry. Each week contains a mixture of hands-ontasks (cooking, building, creating), and indirect and direct instruction periods. This matches my personal preference for learning, as well as modern education research on effective pedagogy." - Jake Long
Shelly Long-Bokma

Shelly Long-Bokma

Bachelor of Education - OCT, Masters of Arts Degree in Education

Teaching Role at Brookstone:

Teaching Principal

Grade 4 - 8 Co -teacher 


As a teaching Principal at Brookstone, I have the privilege of overseeing all the
programming, enjoy supporting our teachers wherever I can and providing one to one
support for our students.

Hobbies & Interests: Anything related to the expressive arts such as dancing, singing, drama and/or anything in which you are allowed to be exceedingly silly! My favourite food is anything that involves cheese and my favourite book is “The Gift of Adult ADD” by Lara Honos-Webb, Ph. D.

Additional Qualifications: Principal's Qualification, Special Education, Guidance, Literacy, 20+ years experience as a teacher and administrator, Honours Bachelor of Arts and Science with a Specialization in Philosophy


Angelique Trexler

Bachelor of Education - South Africa

Teaching Role at Brookstone:

Grade 4 - 8 Co-Teacher

Creating individualized programs for learners is a very rewarding experience as a teacher. When we equip students with the tools that work best for them and start at a level that they feel comfortable with, we are providing them with a safe space to grow and develop. In this way a student’s confidence, motivation and participation grow

Hobbies & Interests: I love spending time with my two boys, Connor, and Hugo. My favourite foods are pizza and pasta. My favourite book is the Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt.

Additional Qualifications:

Outcomes Based Assessment
10 + years experience in all grades from Grade 1 - 11

Allanah Spurrell

Bachelor of Education - OCT

Teaching Role at Brookstone:

JK - Grade 3 Co-teacher

I love all things to do with young learners! It gives me the biggest opportunity to use play as a
vehicle for learning and the education of our kiddos. Language is my favourite subject because of the versatility in how it can be taught and how it can traverse into other subjects and topics.

Hobbies & Interests: I love to go Geocaching! I enjoy watching any movie from Studio Ghibli and I really enjoy a good feast of torched salmon sushi.

Additional Qualifications:
Children’s Studies, Youth and Reconciliation, Special Education, Math, ESL


Emma Green

Bachelor of Education - OCT

Teaching Role at Brookstone:

JK - Grade 3 Co-teacher 

Science is a favourite of mine to teach because we get to explore and answer all of the
“why” questions. My teaching style is student led and inquiry based. We learn through
play and have so much fun!

Hobbies & InterestsI enjoy adventuring with my family! We love to get outside and explore. I'm also an environmentalist and I love to read. My favourite book genre is Sci-fi and I love Romcoms in book or movie format. My favourite foods are pasta and ice cream!

Additional Qualifications: Bachelor Arts and Sciences

Jake Long

Jake Long

Bachelor of Education - OCT

Teaching Role at Brookstone:

Science and Supply Teacher


I love to teach Science, STEM and Math because it allows students to explore, discover and create. Being a partner and a guide in a student’s learning journey and empowering them to trust their instincts and see where their inquiries take them is a great privilege.

Hobbies & Interests: : I love sports, music, travelling and experiencing the natural world by going for walks, kayaking and canoeing. I play both the guitar and ukulele, but would love to learn new instruments. My favourite food is Thai Food - Green Curry especially and my favourite novel series is The Bobiverse.

Additional Qualifications:

BASc Biology, Experiential Education, Special Education


Kailey Law

Bachelor of Education - OCT

Teaching Role at Brookstone:

Supply Teacher

During my time at Lakehead University, I became passionate about inquiry-based learning. I believe that great things happen when students are given opportunities to ask questions, make mistakes and explore their interests in a way that aligns with their learning style. I also strive to create a learning environment where students feel valued, inspired and eager to learn.

Hobbies & Interests: I am the mom of a bright and curious four-year-old, which keeps me busy when I am not at Brookstone. You can often find us outside with our two dogs, splashing in puddles, smelling flowers, feeling moss, or searching for mushrooms. I also love creating, and use any free time to paint, sketch or make stained glass. My favourite foods are pizza and spaghetti and my favourite show is Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Additional Qualifications: 

BaSc Biology and Psychology, Special Education, Religious Education


about our Pillars of Education & what sets Brookstone Academy apart.

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