In keeping with our "inside out" philosophy of education that starts with the student’s interests and passions, we prefer to think of our teachers as “learning coaches". These learning coaches may take the role of traditional teacher at times, but more often than not they act as facilitators and guides, along your child’s learning journey. They are a mix of carefully selected, certified individuals that have been trained as "teachers", subject matter experts, educational assistants and volunteers. Highly qualified, OCT certified teachers take the lead with programming and evaluation, but we are also excited to partner with artists, singers, musicians and actors in our community to give the students enriching, real-life experiences in these areas. We also seek out scientists, mathematicians and authors to visit when relevant and/or appropriate to support the students’ interests and bring life to their learning. We are also happy to have the support of highly qualified educational assistants, and carefully chosen volunteers. We ensure that all the adults at Brookstone have the training and experience required for them to excel in our unique environment and the right personality to offer the gentle guidance, innovative teaching and character building strategies that make up the Brookstone program. Every adult at Brookstone works as part of our team to create the most caring, supportive environment possible for our students.


about our Pillars of Education & what sets Brookstone Academy apart.

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