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What Families
Are Saying About Brookstone

“As a parent, I am absolutely in love with Brookstone Academy. The level of professionalism mixed with compassion and a person to person relationship with each student is like no other. Our daughter has gained so much self esteem and has made new friends that have been like family. She has so much confidence and has learned to vocalize and communicate her feelings and thoughts. Our daughter specifically stated she loves Brookstone because she isn’t rushed all the time she said “they give me extra time to finish my work and they never rush me” she feels comfortable, confident, content. She never wants to miss a day of school!” 

- Sandy F., Parent 

“We are so grateful for the gift of Brookstone. My daughter struggled with the "regular" system since day one. Brookstone has encouraged her to be herself and let her gifts shine. Her confidence in herself has soared.  And her academics are slowly but surely growing as well.  We also don't know how we would have continued to survive emotionally with "Covid times" without the amazing job the staff has done to create a perfect balance of "safety and normal".  The staff creates such an incredible nest of support and understanding for the students how can they not succeed?”

- Victoria D., Parent 

"I love that my kids can work at their own pace and continue to be challenged at their own level. Everytime I pick them up from school,  I am overwhelmed with happiness that they get to just be kids, playing with other children the way it is supposed to be.  A haven!  Run by actual angels. I am grateful every day to have found Brookstone, and the stability it provides for our family."

- Haley V., Parent 

Our girls love that they get to do what they like: experiment, bake, create – and it doesn’t feel like they are learning. They love playing and learning with friends of all ages. When I ask them what they like best, they shout: “Everything!”.

It’s wonderful how much our girls love going to school. During their first week they asked if they could have a sleepover! 


We love the continuous flow of communication with teachers. They are never too busy to answer a question or to provide feedback. 


It’s awesome to see our girls confidence build. At Brookstone, they have a classroom full of friends. Kindness, inclusiveness and acceptance actually happens here.


The staff know who our daughters are. They’ve taken the time to understand their interests, how they thrive, and who they are emotionally. Their school days are full of rich and engaging “learnings” that are extremely interactive. Actually, these lessons often take on a life of their own based on the feedback and interests of the group. Can we ask for anything more? It’s a wonderful thing!  

Lorraine W., Parent

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