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Kids in Preschool
Our Preschool programs are currently under development as we search for the perfect location! Please click the link to get on our list of interested families and we'll keep you in the loop as things progress.

At Brookstone, students love the learning process thanks to truly individualized child-centered programming that focuses on the development of both the mind and the heart. And this extends to our littlest learners too! A child’s first experience with learning outside of the safety of home is of crucial importance as it can set the tone for a child’s attitude toward learning, willingness to explore and confidence in their place in the world. This is a responsibility that we take very seriously! And with great enthusiasm and warm and open hearts ourselves, we welcome our beautiful little friends into our loving,
supportive environment within which we ensure they always feel seen, accepted, understood and valued as they learn to navigate the world and all their new adventures within it.

The Brookstone Preschool Program fosters personal growth and a deep love of learning through lots of free and guided exploration and play. Inspired by Emergent Curriculum values and the Reggio-Emilia approach, the development of meaningful relationships with our students and families is a key foundation upon which everything else we do is built. And most importantly learning is always fun! At this age children are full of wonder and it is our passion to support and preserve this natural curiosity. This sets the stage for a hearty love of learning that sets them on the path to being successful lifelong learners. Our highly qualified educators structure our environment to allow your child to develop their emotional, social, motor and cognitive skills throughout their play based day. Our room is an inviting space with carefully selected, thought provoking educational activities, and toys freely available to encourage exploration, creativity and thinking skills. With your child’s interests guiding our topics for inquiry, the programming always feels meaningful and engaging to them.

The Brookstone Preschool program encompasses and enriches the expectations found in the several Ontario Ministry of Education documents* and includes opportunities for social interactions, support for fundamental early learning and thinking skills and practice with self-help skills that allow kids to feel a sense of pride in themselves as their independence grows. Exposure to early Language, Math and Science concepts, cleaning up after ourselves, working together to put toys away, getting ourselves dressed for outside, are all part of the important learning that students are supported with at Brookstone. In addition, we work with families on potty training if they would like support in this area. Feeling confident in all these areas will prepare your child for a seamless transition to school and a successful start at Kindergarten!


*Think, Feel and Act: Lessons from Research About Young Children, Early Learning For Every Child (ELECT), How Does Learning Happen? Ontario’s Pedagogy in The Early Years

A Glimpse of Our Amazing Days!

Each morning your child will be welcomed into the space with friendly smiles and warm words. They will be free to explore the classroom and choose from the various open ended activities provided. We will offer them two healthy snacks and lunch every day. They will spend ample time outdoors where they can play in our beautiful country school grounds. Each day they will be provided with a rest period to refresh their bodies and minds. At the end of the day they will have so many exciting stories to tell you about!

Preschool Room
Preschool Room
Preschool Room
Preschool Room
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