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Eady Community Hall

Our Eady Hall location is also a beautiful, newly renovated, charming, two-floor century building and is home to our Grade 1-3 and our Grade 4-8 programs. We now offer support to high school kids as well at this location. Both schools are set in the idyllic countryside of Oro-Medonte just a short drive from each other.

Carley Community Hall

Last Fall, our Primary Program outgrew the dear Carley Hall, and we moved our Grade 1 -3's to our Eady Hall location. The move has been fantastic and the program and our students are thriving at Eady Hall!  While we had hoped to grow our Kindergarten program to include a preschool program at the Carley Hall, we recently learned that Carley will not be able to meet the licensing requirements to operate as a preschool. So we made the decision to move our operations out of the Carley Hall as of May 1st and continue the search for a more feasible space four our combined Early Years program. We are thankful for our continued partnership with the Township of Oro-Medonte, and the Carley Hall board's support of our use of their "ol gal" over the past two years. While this decision was not easy, we are excited about the future possibilities and continued growth of our program at Eady Hall and beyond. 

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